We arranged a lunch at Le Lion d'Or in Bayeux for a group of Maitlands and Mautalents.

Our mutual relationship goes back nearly a thousand years, and our family is probably unique in knowing the Norman kinsfolk who share our heritage. Our kinsfolk do speak English, so fluency in French is not essential.

In addition to the lunch we plan a programme of several days.  We shall visit Bayeux to see the Tapestry and Cathedral where our forebears would have attended ceremonies, a visit to Les Moitiers d'Allonne, where our forebears held land from around 1000 AD, and depending on interest a trip to Caen to see the mediaeval buildings or the Museum of the Battle of Normandy and a visit to  one of the invasion beaches.  We shall be based on St Vaast le Hougue near Cherbourg, where two rooms will be avialable in a gite for £100 from Tuesday to Sunday.