Join us at any of the events. More details will follow, but do mark your diaries.

Portsmouth Saturday 13th July

We plan to visit the Dockyard Museum to see the updated Mary Rose exhibition.  Mary Rose sank in 1545 and divers have recovered an extraordinary collection of 16th century artifacts showing life at that time. This was the period when Maitlands were beginning their rise to power. It will give us a view of the lifestyle at that period. The Bellerophon figurehead, presented to the Dockyard by Maitland is in the museum.

Bayeux – Wednesday September 9th, 2020.

We are arranging a Maitland/Mautalent lunch in Bayeux. French fluency is not required!!  We have enjoyed several excellent meals there and are giving lots of notice so that you can plan ahead to fit this in with your travel plans – you can’t do this as  day trip from the UK. If there is sufficient interest we will arrange a two or three day program. Contact the Chief via Contact page if you would like to join us.


We are planning a programme of several days from Monday 8th September, based on St Vaast, near Cherbourg.  Plans include 

Day in Bayeux to see the Bayeux Tapestry and visit the cathedral, built ca 1000, where your forebears would have attended ceremonies

Day at Les Moitiers d'Allonne, near Carteret, home village of the Mautalents, with lunch at the celebrated Hotel de la Marine in Carteret.

Day to visit sites connected with the 1944 Battle of Normandy


Visit to Caen - Abbaye des Hommes and Abbaye des Dames and the Castle, headquarters of William the Conqueror. 


Two rooms available at the home of Jill Saxton in St Vaast, and others in a first class nearby guest house. 


Watch this space!