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Photos from Chief


 In May Sarah and I agreed to marry

Sarah was an interior decorator by profession and is a widow, so we married in church, though in present circumstances it had to be a very “quiet” wedding. Sarah has plenty of Scots antecedents. Her Great Grandfather was the celebrated  fishing skipper Captain Gray of Peterhead who sailed his ship the Eclipse into Arctic waters and the ice-pack in the late 19th century. He was noted as a naturalist with acute observation of marine life as well as a fisherman.  Sarah's Maclean great-uncles (left)  served in the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers during the Boer War, then emigrated to the Americas. 

Sarah has travelled widely, early in her career she managed a preparatory school regarded as one of the best in England, worked in Australia in a restaurant kitchen, spent some time in New York working as a decorator, also had experience in the rag trade, and spent some years living in Spain and Provence, and worked as a decorator in London after her late husband died about thirty years ago.

I’d known Sarah for nearly ten years, but our social interactions  had been limited to drinks after church either in the presbytery or the pub with fellow worshippers, and dinner with Ann in our respective homes.  St Mary's Bourne Street holds a “champagne - or sort of” reception after Sunday High Mass and we then go on as a group to the pub.    


Sarah wanted me to wear my full standard bearer's uniform for the wedding.




Chief's wedding to Sarah Sasse at St. Mary's Bourne Street, near Sloane Square in London

10th October 2020



1. Our choir

A lovely contralto sang the service, since no choir was allowed.




2. Our congregation - we were limited to 15 guests. The service was live streamed, and you can see the recording at this website


We started with the overture to Marriage of Figaro - seemed appropriate and a favourite of our organist.

 Most of the photos were taken by Fr. Sam Korn,

 Assistant Priest,and also the  producer for the recording 





3. Overview -  due to the restrictions we had to make do with one priest and two servers.

The full complement for a High Mass is normally 


Deacon, Sub Deacon,

plus four servers -

a Master of Ceremonies who ovesees the liturgy,

Crucifer, who carries the Cross,

Thurifer who manages the incense, and one other. 








5.  Signing the Register

5Register 5867 sm





5.   Back for the rest of the Nuptial Mass



6.  Wedding March





7.  Post service chat  with Fr Andrew Walker






8. With brother and son

With the Master of Lauderdale, left, masked,and my brother Sydney centre. 

Sydney and I do seem to have a family resemblance which I hade not noted before


9.   Lord Sudeley

 10. At the reception



    Lunch   L to R.    James Sasse, Penny Maitland Culverwell (representing the Clan members),

The Rev. The Hon Sydney Maitland (who said the prayers allocated by Fr Andrew)

Amanda Sasse, Sarah Maitland Parks, and the new Countess of Lauderdale 

John, Master of Lauderdale, was adrift in the kitchen..he made way for his sister Sarah to join us 



A display of the chef's speciality - Tarte aux Pommes maison. We started the reception with English Ridgeview fizz, then Champagne, then lunch with foie gras and Gewurtztraminer Grand Cru, pheasant with Auxey Duress, cheese with Tesco's finest tawny port - excellent (and affordable, unlike the rest of the wines! ) and more Gewurtz with the dessert, and so on....





11. Our Honeymoon

This started at a lovely "restaurant with rooms attached" in Yorkshire, and continued at our home in Dumfriesshire





12.  Newlands Barn, our Scottish home

Advertisement - This is rented out as a holiday home when we are not using it. 

To see more pix of it visit



13. Newlands in its setting

The white arrow marks the spot!


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