We have a wide range of clan items with either the clan badge or the tartan. To ensure that our tartan is only used by Maitlands, we only sell merchandise to members of the Clan Maitland Society. All Clansfolk can use the Clan Badge or the tartan for their own use and that of their descendants.All our prices include packing and postage. We can accept Sterling, US$, C$, A$, NZ$ and Euros. Send us a check, or make a bank to bank transfer. Bank account details are in the Yearbook.

Please note that clansfolk are responsible for paying any local taxes imposed on goods imported into their countries. In practice most small consignments - i.e. a few hundred dollars - are not taxed. You may find in the package a commercial invoice. You do not have to pay it. The amounts on the invoice in the package are used to calculate any import taxes due. If there is any import tax, you will receive a bill from the post office or courier.