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Maitland Club Tie
Maitland Club Tie
  • We share a distinguished history
  • Learn about your kinsfolk and forbears.
  • The Society can provide limited guidance on your background and origins, but once a link has been found, we can trace descent back to the 13th century.
  • Meet fellow Maitlands at social events in the UK, North America and Australia.
  • Keep up to date with new research on our shared background through the Yearbook. Newsletters in the U.K., North America and Australia keep members in touch with local events.
  • Maitland tartan is a fine demonstration of your membership of a family which has contributed greatly to the development of Scotland, Britain and the United States as well as Australia and New Zealand. The tartan is only available to members of the Society.
  • Items in Maitland tartan, clan badges and other items associated with the family are available only from the Society, and are not sold in retail stores.

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Clan Maitland Association World Wide

Membership of the Clan Maitland Association is open to those with connections to the name of Maitland and its variations; also to those similarly connected to the name of Lauderdale, adopted by some Maitlands in Scotland in the 17th century, and people resident in Lauderdale

Member: Anyone bearing a Maitland / Lauderdale / Mautalent / Maitlen / Maizland / Mautalen / Maizlen Surname

Follower Eligibility:

  1. Blood relationship with a Maitland / Lauderdale / Mautalent / Maitlen / Maizland / Mautalen / Maizlen
    i.e. descent from someone with one of these names
  2. Alliance through marriage with someone with one of these names or descended
    from someone with one of these names
  3. Use of Maitland / Lauderdale / Mautalent / Maitlen / Maizland / Mautalen / Maizlen as a first name,
    or as a first name by a forbear
  4. Service to Clan Maitland or to Lauderdale, or residence in Lauderdale

United Kingdom - Clan Maitland Society Ltd

UK Residents

An Annual Subscription of £20 is payable by Standing Order (drawn on a UK bank) form is available on request.

For residents of other countries the Annual Subscription is £25 or €30 
(Higher postage costs!!)

Completed Application Forms and Standing Order forms should be sent to the Membership Secretary:

Tim Maitland
Black Cottage, Downs Road
West Stoke, Chichester
West Sussex PO18 9BQ

01243 576804

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A Standing Order Form is available on Request.

Email the secretary using the online contact form.

or email The Chief using the online contact form.

Alternatively, by arrangement with the Membership Secretary, Registration Fees and Annual Subscriptions may be made by direct payment into the Society’s bank account. Please telephone or email.

Following approval of the membership by the Chief, the new member will receive a copy of the current Year Book and a welcome letter from the Chief which will include the Member’s Registration number, which must be quoted when ordering any merchandise.

Applications for membership from residents of other countries with their own Clan Maitland organisation should contact the appropriate branch:

Clan Maitland Society of North America

In Canada:
Mr Clare Maitland
65 Glen Road
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 3MS

Annual Subscription

Email using the online contact form.

In U.S.A.:
Rosemary Maitland Thom
7016 Carrondale Way
Las Vegas NV 89128-3339

Annual Subscription

Email using the online contact form.

Clan Maitland Society of Australia Inc


Amanda Maitland
12 Settlers Way
NSW, 2120

Annual Subscription

Email using the online contact form.

Clan Maitland Society of New Zealand

Miss Judette Maitland,
33, Disley Street,
Wellington 5
New Zealand

Annual Subscription

Email using the online contact form.